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Women and Infants Demonstration Project:  A $269,000/year project funded by the Centers for
Disease Control under a subcontract with Alameda County Health Department (Dates:  10/91-
Outreach and Support Groups for HIV Positive Persons:  $56,000/year in Ryan White funds for
outreach to hard-to-reach, HIV positive populations (4/94-6/97)
Experience with Demonstration Programs/Research Projects
HAP has participated in two major HIV research projects:
Young Women’s Survey:  Research project designed to determine prevalence of STDs (HIV,
chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B) among women aged 18-28 years, and to obtain their
input in the design of effective HIV prevention programs for women.  HAP provided door-to-door
outreach according to a sampling plan.  HAP interviewed 407 women, provided HIV/STD testing
and counseling, and collected data.
University-Wide AIDS Research Program:  Research project designed to evaluate effectiveness of
HAP’s outreach programs and mobile testing services and determine why HAP’s clients engage in
practices that put them at risk for HIV.  HAP recruited and interviewed 153 active IDUs and sex
workers who had received HAP services, and 207 who had never received HAP services.  The
evaluator was Dr. B. B., who will act as technical advisor to the Coalition on evaluation issues.
Capability and Experience of Coalition Partners
Alameda County Medical Center:  The Medical Center participates in the Coalition through its
subsidiary, Highland Hospital.  The Medical Center is the county-operated system of hospitals,
clinics and programs committed to maintaining and improving the health of all county residents,
regardless of ability to pay.  The Medical Center, with a budget of $294 million and a staff of 2,265
FTE, acts as a training institution committed to maintaining an environment supportive of a wide
range of educational programs and activities.  Education of medical students, interns, and residents,
continuing education for medical, nursing and other staff, along with clinical research, are all essential
components of its mission.  Per regulatory requirements related to local health services (California
Administrative Code, Welfare and Institutions Code and Health and Safety Code), the Medical
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