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Sample Grant Proposal: Low-Income Energy Assistance from Wind Power (Washington)

2009 October 15

I’m uploading today’s sample grant in honor of Blog Action Day ’09 and its theme of climate change.

There’s a perception that low-income advocacy and environmentalism are incompatible. Yet, I’m a life member of the Sierra Club as well as a Certified Community Action Professional (a designation conferred by today’s version of the War on Poverty organizations).

And that’s why I love this project. It allowed me to marry these two long-time interests. There must be a romantic project title in there somewhere, something to do with tilting at windmills with windmills, but I settled on a plain brown wrapper of a title.
Sample Grant Proposal: Energy Assistance Wind Power Map

Sample Grant Proposal Summary

The proposal describes an innovative source of energy assistance for low-income families. Nonprofits develop wind energy (turbines sited on property they own or control) and trade the power generated to local utilities for energy assistance credits. The credits are then transferred to LIHEAP eligible families as needed, often during the winter to offset high heating bills.

The grant proposal was funded for three years for a total of $1 million. The funding agency was the Office of Community Services (DHHS).


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  1. Amy Russell permalink
    January 12, 2010

    My husband And I are looking into doing solar panels for our house we have been building for three and 1/2 years, We have put thousands of dollars into preparing our house for electric inspection , but now have been told we need a up front payment of 6,000 to move other utilies lines, we do not have the money, we are below 130% income level and I am wondering if there are any grants we could apply for as personal home energy assistance. We have rescheared solar panels .

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