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Sample Grant Proposal: Breast Cancer Awareness (Marin, California)

2009 August 27

Today’s sample grant proposal is the first of several I’ll be uploading during the upcoming weeks. Each will be an example of a successful grant proposal for which I was the lead writer. Today’s grant proposal is a short foundation request to fund breast cancer awareness activities.

I prepared the proposal working closely with staff of the grantee. A slightly modified version was funded by Marin Community Foundation for $25,000. Names of persons and organizations have been altered to protect privacy. The proposal was strong because the organization was strong: The founders and activists were women living with breast cancer (or who had survived breast cancer), and their personal, informed commitment made for a compelling story.

Breast Cancer Rate in Marin CountyIt’s always a pleasure working with such an organization. As a grant writer you can learn so much. I knew very little about breast cancer when I began working on the proposal. That’s often the case, even for very experienced grant writers. Your expertise is not knowledge of the subject matter. That’s your client’s expertise. Your expertise is knowledge of your client (Which staff member or volunteer can point you to the information needed for the proposal?) and how to tell their story in a compelling way.

Many good grant writers have a perfectionist streak. That can work to your advantage, but only if you’re willing to admit that you don’t know it all! Use the strengths of your client and partners.

Full sample grant proposal here.

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    Many thanks for your explanation and taking the time to email me as well :)

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    Hello may I quote some of the content found in this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

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